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Hi Friends!

I hope you will join my pack and/or donate.  I am giving all the money I raise to the Second Chance Fund here at the Humane Society of Greater Miami.  The Second Chance Fund is important because it allow us to help my furry friends with issues that are above and beyond the standard preventive vaccines and medical care that every animal in our care receives. Most of these services are not available through our own clinics. Examples of ways the funds are used include treatment for heartworm and skin issues, X-rays, minor surgeries and even major surgeries.  Those of you that know me, know that I am one hard working dog!  I join my Mom (Lisa) for presentations in schools and we see over 12,000 / year!  We also visit the Children's Court (Paws in the Court), UM Medical School, Sylvester Cancer Center, nursing homes, and more.  I was found on the street and was given a second chance, so, it is my goal to give all homeless animals a second chance.  Please consider joining and/or donating to my pack.

Thank you!



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