Q. How many miles do I have to walk?

A. The goal is 15 miles before April 30th ends! If you meet the goal, we encourage you to keep racking up the miles - you could win Top Walker - and keep fundraising to help the animals. The 15 mile goal is not mandatory, and you could still win the prize for Top Fundraiser even if you don't hit 15 miles, although you might miss out on some cool deals from our sponsors! Walk for the Animals is the name of the game and we're challenging you to get active with your family, furry four-leggeds and friends this April!

Q. Should I register as an individual or part of a Pack?

A. Packs look a little different this year! We recommend you join a Pack ONLY if you are fundraising as a company or a school group as a whole. 

If you register as an individual for $20, you will receive perks such as a Walk for the Animals 2021 playlist, recipe cards, printable bib, finisher's certificate and medal. You'll also be able to earn other incentives, such as a Walk 2021 t-shirt, along the way based on how much you fundraise. Every individual fundraiser is eligible to win a prize for being one of the top three fundraisers and/or a prize for being one of the top three individuals who log the most miles. Our suggested goal for individuals is $250, but you can set your goal yourself!

If your Pack leader registers your Pack for $20, he or she will receive perks such as social assets, a Walk for the Animals 2021 playlist, recipe cards, printable bib, and finisher's certificate to share with everyone. Each member of the Pack will also receive a Pack Perk! Packs can have a maximum of 20 members, and must hit a minimum goal of $750 collectively for each member to receive a 2021 Walk t-shirt and medal. Your Pack will have the opportunity to win a prize for the most money fundraised or most miles logged. As part of a Pack, you will not be eligible to win any prizes individually, nor receive any extra incentives. 

If you are interested in winning Top Fundraiser, Top Walker or earning incentives along the way like a pet toy, bandana, etc. you must register as an individual.

Q. When will I receive the incentives I earn by walking and fundraising? 

A. Perks such as your Walk for the Animals 2021 playlist, recipe cards, printable bib, and finisher's certificate will be emailed to you as soon as you register. Once registered, you will also be able to find the printable assets under "Resources" on your personal fundraising dashboard. Your medal and incentives you earn, such as a Walk t-shirt and other goodies, will be mailed to your address about 3-4 weeks after the Walk ends on April 30th. 

Q. I've registered for the Walk! How do I link my DonorDrive page to the MoveSpring app?

A. Once you register for the Walk, you will receive an email with this information. Just in case, here are the steps again:

     1. Click this link to download the app: https://link.movespring.com/sso?clientId=2400&groupCode=WPPKRD.

     2. Log in using the same credentials as your DonorDrive account - the same information that you registered for the Walk with.

     3. Once logged in, follow the instructions at the top to link your activity tracker.

     4. You're all set! Have fun exploring the app and seeing how it works. We recommend checking the app at least once per day to make sure your miles are all synced and to check for any special messages or updates. We can't wait for you to see the surprises we have in store for you! 

(You can also choose to download the MoveSpring app first, then click "Sign Up" on the app's home screen and enter our organization's short code 16101 before logging in with your DonorDrive credentials.)   

Q. Which devices and smart watches can connect to the MoveSpring app?

A. Andoid Phones (4.2 and above through Google Fit), Apple Watch, iPhone 5s and up through Apple Health App, Fitbit, Garmin, Google Fit(Android, Pebble  Xiaomi), Misfit and Withings (now Nokia). You can also enter your miles manually. 

Q. When will my miles show up or sync to my DonorDrive page? 

A. Miles you log through MoveSpring will be synced with your DonorDrive once a day, around 4AM EST.

Q. Do I need a smart device to track my miles? 

A. Nope! You are also able to input your miles manually and could use a classic step counter. 

Q. Is there an age limit to participate in Walk for the Animals?

A. No, but anyone under the age of 18 should have supervision from a parent or guardian when walking and fundraising money. 

Q. What if I don't have access to a computer all the time? How can I still take part in the event? 

A. If you have a smartphone, you can still create your fundraising page online and raise money for the animals. You can also link the MoveSpring app to track your miles, but you don't have to. If you do not have access to a computer, smartphone or the internet, but would still like to collect cash or check donations and fundraise for the animals, please contact us at 305-760-9425.

Q. If I make a donation to someone, am I then eligible to receive a Walk t-shirt or other goodies

A. No. Only those who pay the $20 registration fee for Walk for the Animals 2021 and sign-up through DonorDrive are eligible to receive incentives and goodies.

Q. Do I have to walk all my miles or can I earn them another way like biking, swimming, etc.?

A. You can earn your miles however you want! Walk them with your dog every day, take your cat in the stroller, dance it out, or get into cycling - rack up your miles however you choose as long as you are getting active for the animals! 

Q. Can I register as my pet and have my pet earn the miles? 

​A, Yes! Instead of making your own personal fundraising page, you can instead register as your pet and create a fundraising page for him or her. Fundraise for the homeless animals from their point of view!

Q. I have questions about the MoveSpring app! 

  1. If you are having technical issues, please contact MoveSpring customer support. MoveSpring customer support is available via chat M-F 9am-5pm CST. There are 3 ways to contact MoveSpring customer support chat: 

    1. In the app: Click on the menu icon in the top left hand corner of the app. Select the green “Message Support” button along the bottom of the screen. An in-app chat box will then appear for you to send a message to the support team. ​

    2. Online: Click on the message icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen.

    3. By email: Send an email to MoveSpring Support at help@movespring.com.

Q.  Can I reach out to donors who supported me last year?

A. Yes! If you have joined us for past Walks, you can easily send an email to people who donated to you in the past. Simply visit your DonorDrive fundraising page and go to “Compose A Message.” Under Recipients then "Select From Contacts" and choose “Contacts Who Have Donated To You In Past Events.” Select all contacts or simply choose which contacts you want to reach out to again, then customize your message and send it! 

Q.  I am offering incentives for donations. How do I see the additional information I asked for from the donor to be able to fulfill their incentive? 

A. Once logged in to your personal fundraising page, click "Donations" on your page to see the full list of donations you've received so far. At the top of the list then click "Download Donor Report." This report will show you any information you requested from the donor to be able to fulfill their request.

Q.  This event looks awesome! How can I become a sponsor?

A. If you are interested in becoming a Walk sponsor, take a look at our Sponsor Opportunities here. Then contact Jossie Aguirre at 305-749-1825 or jossie@humanesocietymiami.org.