Quick Tips for Fundraising $500 or More

Try the below method to quickly raise funds:



Get yourself started with a $25 donation $25


Challenge three family members to match your $25 donation $100


Ask your best friend for a $25 sponsorship $125


Ask your boss for a company donation or a matching gift $150


Ask five local friends to sponsor you for $10 $200


Ask five out-of-town friends to sponsor you for $10 $250


Gather support at work! Ask five co-workers for $10 $300


Ask five neighbors to support you for $10 each $350


Ask 10 people at your church, club, gym, etc. for $10 each $450


Request a $10 sponsorship from five local businesses  $500


Make it Personal

•Customize your DonorDrive page with personal photos and a written story about why you are fundraising and walking for the animals. What does Walk for the Animals mean to you?

•Pledges - NEW this year - donors can pledge a set amount of money per mile you walk. When reaching out, you can already ask your friends and family to support you by pledging a specific amount. For example, "Would you be willing to pledge $2 for every mile I walk this year for the animals?" Donors can choose to cap the donation at whatever amount they deem reasonable.

•Personal Milestones - When customizing your fundraising page, you can also create fun Milestones based on how much you want to fundraise, for example, "If I raise $500 I'll dye my hair blue!" 

•Personal Incentives for Your Donors - Offer Incentives to your donors such as, "Donate $50 and I'll post my favorite photo of us on social media!" Have a unique skill? Offer a custom drawing or song for a certain donation amount! The different opportunities to fundraise this year are endless and more fun than ever!

Get Your Community Involved

• Ask the places you frequent for a donation - such as your hair stylist, dry cleaner, doctor, dentist, gym, coffee shop, favorite restaurant, etc.

• Bring in snacks to the office. Your co-workers can have some if they donate to your Walk efforts.

• Auction off a prime parking space at work!

• Check to see if your company offers matching gifts. This is a great way to double the money you raise. 

• Donation Jars – Keep change/donation jars in high traffic areas at work. 

Be Strategic With Your Emails

• Use your DonorDrive page to conveniently send fundraising emails out to all your friends, family and colleagues letting them know you are participating in the Walk for Animals and ask them for their support. 

• If you are a previous registrant, you can send an email to everyone who has donated to you in the past. Simply visit your DonorDrive fundraising page and go to “Compose A Message.” Under Recipients then "Select From Contacts" and choose “Contacts Who Have Donated To You In Past Events.” Select all contacts or simply choose which contacts you want to reach out to again, then customize your message and send it! 

• Show off your own pet(s) with pictures and stories.

• Talk about why you think it’s important to rescue pets or care for neglected animals.

• Share a personal experience about the Humane Society of Greater Miami or adopting an animal.

Social Media

• During the 30 days of the Walk for the Animals challenge,  make our Walk logo or banner your cover photo on your favorite social media site.

• Create a Facebook Fundraiser for the Walk through your DondorDrive Fundraising page - this will automatically link any donations to your DonorDrive goal.

• Always thank your donors publicly on social media - it's a great way to show them you appreciate their support while inspiring others to follow their lead.

• Show off that strut! Once the Walk officially begins, show your donors, friends and family that you are walking or moving for a good cause by posting photos and updates! Tag us on Instagram @humanesocietymiami, Facebook @HumaneSociety305 or Twitter @humanemiami and use the hashtag #WalkfortheAnimalsMiami! 

Other Tips

• Set a Fundraising Goal and share it with your friends, family and co-workers so that they can help you & your pet achieve it.

• Remember that you can’t raise money to help the animals if you don’t ask for support. Be proud of what you’re doing and your supporters will be proud to help you.

• Remember to send a thank you note or email when you receive a donation - this is easy to do with your online personalized page and social media.

Thank you for fundraising for the animals!