Most importantly, don’t hesitate to ask more than once, especially with email. If you don’t get a response the first time, ask if your email arrived. Then, ask again. Let your supporters decide how much they wish to give on behalf of the animals. Or you may try the below method many people have used to quickly raise funds:



Get yourself started with a $25 donation $25


Challenge three family members to match your $25 donation $100


Ask your best friend for a $25 sponsorship $125


Ask your boss for a company donation or a matching gift $150


Ask five local friends to sponsor you for $10 $200


Ask five out-of-town friends to sponsor you for $10 $250


Gather support at work! Ask five co-workers for $10 $300


Ask five neighbors to support you for $10 each $350


Ask 10 people at your church, club, gym, etc. for $10 each $450


Request a $10 sponsorship from five local businesses  $500




• Ask the places you frequent for a donation - such as your hair stylist, dry cleaner, doctor, dentist, gym, coffee shop, favorite restaurant, etc.

• Throw a bake sale, movie night, or dance party to raise awareness and garner donations.

• Campaign door to door, if your neighborhood allows

• Bring in snacks to the office. Your co-workers can have some if they donate to your Walk efforts.

• Host a chili cook off, baked potato party, or guacamole sale. You can sell tickets for $5 each for a “vote” for the best item and raise funds for the Walk at the same time! Food is a great way to raise funds, especially with hungry co-workers • Rummage Sales – Ask your team members to clean out their closets and garages and bring items for a team wide sale

• Auction off a prime parking space at work!

• Change Jars – Keep change/donation jars in high traffic areas at work. Hang Walk for the Animals posters in your office which are available for pick up at the Humane Society of Greater Miami



• Share your passion for the animals. Use your online personalized page to conveniently send fundraising emails out to all your friends, family and colleagues letting them know you are participating in the Walk for Animals and ask them for their support. Tailor your writing to your audience. Try out several different templates if you have a wide range of groups you are sending the request to. Be direct and concise. We all tend to ramble when talking about issues close to our hearts. Understand the optimal time of day to send your email. Don’t be afraid to follow up with those that haven’t read your email. You can tell who reads your email by checking the contacts in your online personalized page menu

• If you are a previous donor, always update your contact list before embarking on your new Walk fundraising efforts

• Use your online personalized page to send an email from your pet to all your friends asking them to donate to your team

• Brag about your pet(s) with pictures and stories

• Talk about why you think it’s important to rescue pets, care for neglected animals

• Share a personal experience about the Humane Society of Greater Miami or adopting an animal.



• During the 2 months leading up to the Walk, make our Walk logo your profile picture on your favorite social media site

• Always thank your donors publicly on social media - it's a great way to show them you appreciate their support while inspiring others to follow their lead



• Share your goal with friends, family and co-workers so that they can help you & your pet achieve it

• DON’T BE AFRAID TO ASK. Remember that you can’t raise money to help the animals if you don’t ask for support. Be proud of what you’re doing and your supporters will be proud to help you. People often give money based on who is asking - so take a "Friends asking Friends" approach

• GET BACK IN TOUCH WITH OLD FRIENDS. Remember saying, "We'll just have to get together and do something real soon!" What a perfect opportunity to do just that. And so convenient! Send an email and invite them to visit your webpage

• MAKE IT A FAMILY ACTIVITY. Have all your family participate in the "Friends asking Friends" activity. It is so easy, everyone can take part in doing something good. What a fun way to teach kids the rewards of giving!

• HOST AN EVENT. Host a dinner party in your home or ask if you can host a fundraiser potluck in your office. Ask everyone to participate (either donating food or attending) and ask your co- workers or friends to make a donation to the Humane Society of Greater Miami on your behalf

• MATCHING GIFTS. Check to see if your company offers matching gifts. This is a great way to double the money you raise. Please check your company's policy or contact your Human Resource office

• DONOR AMOUNTS. Let your supporters decide how much they wish to give on behalf of the animals. Don't limit yourself by asking for a smaller amount than they may have in mind. You'll be surprised at what people are willing to give!

• ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. Remember to send a thank you note or email when you receive a donation - this is easy to do with your online personalized page